Driver errors create car park dangers

Date: Feb 04, 2016

Not all incidents which lead to car accident compensation occur out on the state's roads and highways. In many cases car parks can be just as dangerous for pedestrians and other drivers alike, especially as many people struggle with a range of parking manoeuvres.

While manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have both found ways to let computers take over the parking process, new research from automotive training organisation Young Driver found that people are still avoiding difficult situations behind the wheel. 

Car accidents are dangerous at any speed, especially when pedestrians are involved. If you've been involved in an accident in these situations, it's important to pursue compensation in the event of an injury. 

Where are drivers making mistakes?

An investigation from Young Driver found that it's not just complex tasks that are challenging motorists, with many avoiding basic manoeuvres as well. According to a survey from the organisation, a significant proportion of people struggle with a range of different parking exercises, which can create added dangers in car parks across the country. 

Young Driver found that 28 per cent of people find it difficult to parallel park safely. Whether they are attempting this in a car park or on the side of the road, any mistakes can raise the risk of car accidents occurring. 

The organisation also discovered that a quarter of respondents will also avoid reversing into a free space where possible, despite the prevalence of reverse parking sensors, cameras and other assisting technologies. 

Head of Young Driver Kim Stanton said that these issues arise because people use skills less and less after passing their driver's test. 

"Once you pass your test, unless you continue to use those techniques, the skills can quickly fade," she began. "Our research shows that before long, many drivers are actively avoiding having to try, even if it means parking a long way from their destination and walking the rest of the way."

Many survey respondents also indicated they didn't think they would pass their drivers licence if they had to re-sit the test. With a number of motorists on the roads lacking the necessary skill sets, the need for accident compensation could rise. 

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