Driven to distraction: The problem of driving while emotional

Date: Nov 02, 2016

We've probably all felt how our emotional state can negatively affect our driving.  But still, people insist on driving even when not in the right state of mind. Find out how common of a problem this is and how you can get car accident compensation if you were involved in a crash and it wasn't your fault. 

The problem: Being driven to distraction 

A recent study released by Australia's independent national road transport research body, Australian Road Research Board (ARRB), found that driving while emotional is more dangerous than being distracted by roadside advertisement and even texting while driving.

The results were striking: 45 per cent of the respondents said that they had an accident or almost had one because they were distracted by being stressed, sad, angry or tired. Luckily, the Herald Sun states that the study showed that people are by and large aware of how their emotional states impact their driving.  The researchers found that 60 per cent acknowledged that not being in the right frame of mind makes for dangerous driving. 

A fleeting emotion while driving can have lifelong consequences. Transport for New South Wales writes that diverting your eyes from the road for longer than two seconds doubles the risk of a crash.

When feeling emotional, you also lose more control of the car. A University of Alberta, Canada study by Michelle Chan and Anthony Singhal found that negative distractions reduced lateral control and slowed driving speeds compared to positive and neutral distractions. Thus, one of the study's main conclusions was that negative emotions can have detrimental effects on one's ability to drive. The study in particular focused on how even emotional music can make people drive more recklessly. 

What if I'm hit by an emotional driver?

While we're all guilty of emotional driving, if someone is driving recklessly and hits you, they are likely at fault and will have to suffer the consequences.

Consulting with a car accident lawyer should be your first move.

You'll find that a financial settlement will make all the difference, giving you the cash for any economic losses or medical bills that you experienced because of an injury. 

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