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Do you feel safe on your bike in Sydney?

If you are a cyclist, do you feel safe on your bike when traversing the roads of Sydney’s CBD? Do you regularly cycle to work or do you fear being involved in a bicycle accident?

Cycling is an excellent mode of transport as it is good for your health, as well as the environment, yet some people do not feel confident on their bikes.

The good news is, the City of Sydney has been working hard to try and improve cycleway safety in an attempt to get more people using their bikes to commute.

So far this campaign is going well, with recent independent counts revealing that there has been an 89 per cent increase in the number of people riding bikes over the past two and a half years.

“Once again, we’re seeing a growth in the overall number of people riding bikes. There’s been a 93 per cent increase in the morning peak (06:00 to 09:00) and an 85 per cent jump in the afternoon (16:00 to 19:00) since 2010,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said in a statement.

The Lord Mayor added that they hoped to improve the safety of the cycle paths even further in an attempt to encourage more people to hop on their bikes.

“Our next task is to work with the NSW government to connect and expand our network of safe, separated cycleways,” she said.

“The city is ready to invest in this important infrastructure because we know from experience that people are choosing bike riding as a valid transportation option and if they have safe, attractive infrastructure they will use it.”

As more and more people opt to cycle this could change the face of the roads. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike should be aware of each other and endeavour to drive responsibly and courteously.

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The Lord Mayor said that the city’s cycleway will eventually be over 200km, including 55km of separated tracks.

“Through the new Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committee, we will work together to finish the design of central Sydney’s separated cycleway network by May,” she asserted.

“The NSW Government has set an ambitious target of doubling local and district trips by bike by 2016, and our work will be an essential contributor to meeting that target.”

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