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Designing a helmet that protects against concussion

When it comes to Australian bicycle accidents, one of the most common yet misunderstood injuries is concussion. Maybe it is Australia’s infatuation with big hits or our ‘she’ll be right’ mentality, but we are only realising now that concussions are a major issue.

Outside of Australia, however, concussions are salient medical matter, so much so that Stanford University has invested in designing a helmet to reduce the chances of concussion.

Building a smart helmet

A number of major US sports associations are currently the focus of several high-value lawsuits in relation to concussions sustained by sports stars. The current tensions have led to the production and release of a film, “Concussion”, starring Will Smith.

While efforts like this raise awareness of the problem, particularly around playing sport and other physical activities, the ongoing work at Stanford is working to develop a helmet design that can truly protect a person’s brain.

Speaking at a TEDxStanford event, former college football player and Stanford bioengineer David Camarillo announced that a new design could be on its way.

“Bike helmets are not tested for concussion, they are designed and tested on their ability to prevent skull fractures,” he pointed out. “Concussion is much more a mystery.”

By using smart mouth pieces and other tools, Mr Camarillo and his team are gaining data needed to build a helmet that can protect the brain from concussions. However, like all new forms of technology, it will take time to test before it is rolled out to the public – time many people do not have.

What can I do?

Concussions are not something to shrug your shoulders at. Instead, if you have been in a bicycle accident or even a car crash, it’s essential to talk to a compensation lawyer.

From early dementia to eyesight failure, the consequences of a concussion can severely limit your ability to function normally. Whether it is the result of a whiplash injury or another accident, seeking compensation can ensure you have the means to seek medical support.

At Gerard Malouf and Lawyers, we offer a no win no fee guarantee. So instead of high upfront costs, we take our payments from your successful settlement. By doing this, we endeavour to remove any and all obstacles when making a personal injury claim.

If you would like to know more about our services or about the impacts your injury could have on your life, talk to an expert in compensation law today. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Sydney as soon as possible.

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