Defective fuel pump causes Toyota to pull 45,000 vehicles

Date: Apr 23, 2020

One of the world's largest automakers is pulling hundreds of thousands of models from the marketplace over concerns that the flaw could lead to crashes and accompanying injuries or fatalities.

First reported by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Toyota recently announced it will recall more than 45,600 vehicles due to a defective fuel pump, which occurred at some point during the manufacturing process. Installed in multiple models – including the Prado, Camry, and Corolla – some of the pumps may include impellers that have the potential to deform. Built within the pumps themselves, impellers are chiefly responsible for moving fluid, which helps to increase lubrication.

What is the issue?
As noted in a company press release, Toyota stated that if the impeller causes the fuel pump to malfunction, it may render the fuel pump inoperable by interfering with its overall body. Motorists should be alerted to any improper performance via their check engine light, Toyota further referenced. The engine may fail to turn over as well when placing the keys in the ignition.

Its chief concern, however, is crash risk, noting that "in rare instances, vehicle stall could occur while driving at higher speeds, increasing the risk of a crash."

Here is a list of the models subject to this recall. All of them were built between 2013 and 2019 and sold in Australia:

  • 2019 Camry
  • 2019 Corolla
  • 2015 FJ Cruiser
  • 2019 Kluger
  • 2018-19 Hilux
  • 2015 Prado
  • 2015 LC200

Totaling 45,683 in all, most of the recalled vehicles involved are Klugers. ABC News reported 22,982 are this model – GSU50 and GSU55 – followed by Hilux (10,771) and Corolla (6,947).

Notifications will go out in June
Although current motorists of these vehicles have not yet received notification that their car may be subject to this recall, the automaker noted it intends to begin distributing mailers in June, according to the ACCC. Those who are made aware are encouraged to take their car to their nearest Toyota dealership so the problematic fuel pump can be swapped out for a fully operating one. Toyota says depending on the automobile, the repair or replacement should take no longer than four hours, or perhaps as few as two. The fix is also free of charge.

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