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Deadly weekend on NSW roads highlights road safety

NSW's road toll has continued to rise, with a range of accidents further adding to this year's total. 

According to the NSW government, the 2015 road toll has already surpassed the number seen in 2014 – and is showing no sign of slowing down. With the busy Christmas period still to come, and more families hitting the road on holiday, the risk of accidents occurring is still an issue that needs managing. 

If you've been injured in an incident, it's important to ensure that car accident compensation is awarded fairly, as injuries can prevent you from attending work and reduce your quality of life. 

What happened over the weekend?

In a year where the road toll is already higher than anticipated, the events of the previous weekend suggest that these trends are unlikely to change anytime soon. According to the NSW Police, a large number of accidents occurred over the weekend, resulting in five more deaths being added to the annual road toll. 

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley believes people need to take stock of the situation and ensure their actions aren't creating unnecessary risk or resulting in a car accident injury. He also provided guidance for those looking to stay safe on the state's roads. 

"Reducing speed, keeping your eyes on the road, not driving if you've been drinking and using seat belts are all simple tasks that can be the difference between surviving a trip or suffering serious injury or even death," he said. 

"We're again urging everyone out on the roads during this busy time of the year to be careful and look out for each other. It only takes one wrong decision to result in tragic consequences."

Fatalities weren't the only unfortunate results of the weekend's accidents, as the crashes left a number of people injured as well. The severity of the afflictions varied, with some drivers possibly in a position to pursue car accident compensation in the wake of these incidents. 

The other important lesson to note is that many of the accidents involved just a single vehicle. While there are a range of dangers for drivers to manage out on the road, the events reinforce the fact that it's important for people to take responsibility for their own actions as well. 

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