Deadly NSW cycling accident raises safety concerns

Date: Jan 21, 2014

After a woman was killed in a cycling accident on the south side of Sydney last week, the victim's father and others have come forward to stress the importance of safety when biking through the city.

The accident occurred on McKell Avenue at Waterfall on Saturday, January 18, when 35-year-old Casey Kinnaird suffered serious injuries after allegedly colliding with a car. First responders found Ms Kinnaird and transported her via helicopter to St George Hospital.

An investigation shows the Sydney woman struck the car head-on, and after three days in the hospital she died from her injuries. The investigation is ongoing, however early indications show the driver did indeed stop after allegedly hitting the cyclist.

Since her death on Tuesday, friends and family of Ms Kinnaird have been showing their support for the entrepreneur, who founded and ran her own financial planning business and recently returned from a volunteer project to build homes in Cambodia.

Ms Kinnaird was also an avid cyclist, and last year even competed in an Ironman competition in New Zealand, which included a 180-kilometre bike race. This suggests that cycling can be dangerous for anyone, regardless of their experience on the road.

Family, friends voice support for better bike safety

Ms Kinnaird was also a member of the League of Extraordinary Women, a group that helps young women become involved in Sydney's business world.

"She was one of those people that you would just smile talking to her," said Chiquita Searle, the league's general manager.

"She just had such great energy levels, she was so bubbly and vibrant. It's such a loss because she was just such a lover of life."

Her father even stated that in this case, there's no evidence that it was the driver's fault. He stated it's equally important for bikers to always keep safety in mind when sharing the road with motorists.

"As a cyclist myself – we do come into contact with bad drivers but there are also good drivers out there," he stated.

"Cyclists out there also need to take responsibility."

Although NSW's road death tolls have fallen overall in the past decade, the government says there are still far too many accidents. This was the first cycling death in the state this year –  however, there have already been 21 car accident fatalities in 2014.

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