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Dangerous drivers can lead to injury

New South Wales is home to a huge number of public and private roads. While they are essential to residents, they can also be a place where an individual can sustain a car accident injury.

As motor users owe each other a duty of care when driving, accidents that cause injuries can lead to compensation and damages. To achieve this you need to ensure you have a compensation lawyer experienced in car accidents in your counsel.

Pursuit leads to charges

One of the biggest hazards many users face on New South Wales roads is dangerous drivers. This is compounded if drivers are trying to evade a police pursuit.

A recent example of this occurred in Tahmoor in the Macarthur Region, where a driver was asked to stop following their alleged failure to display registration plates. When police attempted to stop the driver, it is alleged they accelerated to speeds reaching 150 kilometres an hour.

As the car was travelling in an 80 kilometres an hour zone, this would have put other road users at risk. While the reasons for the excessive speed are up for debate, the actions of the driver could have led to serious injuries.

In times like this it is important to seek the advice of an experienced compensation lawyer. However, it is not just dangerous drivers that lead to critical injuries, it can also be everyday users who have made a mistake or acted negligently.

Figures released by the NSW Centre for Road Safety found that between 2005 and 2013, over 104,000 people we seriously injured on New South Wales roads. Serious injuries were those that led to people being hospitalised following a car accident.

If you have been in a serious accident and it has negatively affected your health, there are a number of avenues you can take to ensure your quality of life and standard of living are not critically affected. To ensure you are informed and aware of these pathways, it is essential to talk to an experienced compensation lawyer.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we offer a no win no fee guarantee that ensures money does not present itself as an obstacle to your claim. Instead, we obtain payment from the successful settlement you receive.

If you would like to learn more about making a claim, talk to the experts at Gerard Malouf and Partners today.

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