Cyclist safety ‘needs evaluation’ in NSW cities

Date: Oct 18, 2011

A new cycling strategy being drafted in Newcastle could help to keep motorists and cyclists safer on the roads, according to an expert.

Bernard Hockings, Newcastle Cycleways movement secretary, told one local publication that there has been increased cyclist activity on roads in the Hunter area due to rising petrol prices, as well as media campaigns urging drivers to forgo cars for an eco-friendly two-wheeled alternative.

But while there are more cyclists on the roads, he told the Newcastle Herald, not enough is being done to ensure they are accommodated safely.

Cycling injuries due to collisions with cars are also a major issue in Sydney, with one UTS business and law student suffering injuries after a collision with a ute in late September.

The Inner West Courier reported that injured cyclist Adam Grullemans may need to postpone a six-day charity ride between Sydney and Canberra in support of the Survivor Advocacy Project as a result of the accident.

Grullemans asserted that he plans to avoid cycling on roadways from now on, opting for Sydney cycle routes through Glebe Park or over the Anzac Bridge to get to university.

So-called ‘doorings’ – when a cyclist is thrown off their bike when they collide with an opening car door – are on the rise in the NSW capital, the newspaper asserted, citing several incidents that occurred in August and September this year.

Cyclists who have been injured in collisions with vehicles on Australia’s roads may not realise they may be eligible for compensation.

According to Harry Barber, chief executive of Bicycle Network Victoria, all road users “have a responsibility to look out for and after each other”.

He added: “As bike riding becomes more common for health and transport reasons, we expect to see more bikes more often.”

Cyclists and motorists in NSW who have been injured in collisions may be eligible to make a claim under the NSW Motor Accidents Compensation Scheme.

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