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Cycling rising in popularity in Sydney

Over the past few years, cycling has been steadily rising in popularity in Sydney. It seems that more and more people are opting to leave their cars at home in favour of a commute to work by bicycle.

This trend was celebrated at the recent City of Sydney Business Awards, in which local BikeWise took out the top prize for its category.

The unique business helps people learn how to master their two-wheeled transport options, by offering training courses that teach the importance of safety on the roads.

For example, one of the classes focuses on effective road positioning, while another is about knowing your rights and responsibilities.

There is also information provided about manoeuvring your bike through intersections and tips for choosing the best and safest route.

Classes are small, with two instructors per group of ten, helping to ensure that everyone gets adequate attention. This type of teaching is also an example of good risk management!

The website – – has plenty more information, including resources such as case studies, blogs and testimonials.

A bicycle accident can result in catastrophic injury, so it is great to see that this company is doing its best to keep enthusiastic cyclists safe.

While bike riding is great for the environment and excellent for people’s fitness, it is not always a low-risk endeavour – especially in Sydney’s busy suburbs.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore commended the work of BikeWise and said she was pleased to see businesses were offering this type of support for cyclists.

“BikeWise has helped thousands of people to enjoy the benefits of riding in Sydney,” the Lord Mayor said in a statement issued today (October 11).

“As our network of bike paths continues to grow, more and more people are taking to two wheels and BikeWise provides an invaluable service in helping them to do so with confidence.”

Founder and owner of the company Patrick Jones said that the idea for this business came after a trip to Amsterdam, where cycling is hugely popular.

“I saw people over there like my grandma riding, people in suits, people going about their everyday business – and that’s when the penny dropped and I realised riding was just a normal way to travel,” Mr Jones said.

Sydneysiders looking to learn a thing or two about cycling through busy roads may like to pop into BikeWise for a class. This is a great way to prevent accidents and minimise the risk of injury.

If you are ever involved in an incident, then you may be eligible for compensation – there are lawyers in Sydney who can help you make a claim.

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