Crash sees NSW man placed in induced coma

Date: Sep 12, 2011

A 25-year-old man has been placed in an induced coma after experiencing a crash in the north-east of New South Wales that resulted in his being impaled by a piece of railing seven metres long.

The steel pole punctured through the victim's abdomen and right thigh as well as both front doors as a result of the collision.

Police say that the man was travelling west on Bilambil Road near the NSW-Queensland border when the accident occurred at around 02:30 on September 10 – the man's vehicle leaving the road before colliding with a wooden power pole and a chain fence.

From there it continued for a further 30 metres into a sports club car park, hitting a number of parked cars and a bus before coming to rest near a second steel barrier.

Onlookers say that the initial impact was powerful enough to concertina 80 metres of steel chain that made up the first fence.

The club's caretaker told reporters at The Satellite that he saw the dark-coloured Audi leave the road and immediately ran to the man's assistance when the vehicle came to rest with a length of cloth and a hose, prepared to help in whatever way he could.

Emergency services arrived to find the victim screaming in pain. It took specialist work crews close on two hours to be able to remove the man as they needed to cut the steel pole that held him in place before they could move him.

The joint effort required members from the police, ambulance service, fire brigade and specialist rescue units to be able to remove the injured man.

Spokesman for the Tweed District Rescue Squad Jamie Stoddart said: "It was a delicate operation where we had to stabilise both the car and the pole."

From there the young man was airlifted to Royal Brisbane Hospital where medical personnel placed him in a medically induced coma before commencing treatment.

Such extensive injuries may require a considerable amount of rehabilitation to recover from – which may become quite expensive over a number of sessions.

In NSW, victims can access car accident compensation to help cover these kinds of costs.

These payments can assist with more than medical expenses and can be made to account for any disabilities inflicted on victims as well.

In cases where no driver is shown to be at fault, a car accident lawyer may still be able to access compensation to cover rehabilitation costs and may also be able to deliver lump sum payments that reflect the pain and suffering endured by the injured party.

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