Crash highlights potential danger of provisional drivers

Date: Aug 22, 2013

The question of when a person is ready to get behind the wheel of a car or truck has long been debated.

On the one hand, with proper training, it's good to enable anyone to get around on their own. However, studies have shown that provisional license drivers and other inexperienced motorists may pose a threat to others on the road.

Most recently, a woman was killed on a major road in Sydney, which investigators believe was the result of a provisional driver's mistakes.

Officials from the New South Wales police force stated that the woman was killed in a crash involving three cars, which ultimately shut down the road, located west of the city. The crash occurred at about 5:45am on Thursday morning (August 22).

The intersection of Mamre Road and Kemps Creek was closed the longest, where the woman, whose identity has not yet been released by the police, was pronounced dead. Rescue crews then turned their attention toward saving a man in a separate car, who has been trapped in his vehicle for more than an hour.

The rescuers freed the driver and rushed him to Westmead Hospital, while the third victim was treated on the scene and did not report any serious injuries.

The Crash Investigation Unit was called to the scene, where experts cased the grounds for evidence. The investigation showed that the second driver who was injured and sent to hospital had a P-plate sticker, suggesting he may have been a provisional driver.

Further reports indicate the crash was a head-on collision between the deceased woman and the P-plater.

Police stated that the man is still in the hospital recovering, but that as soon as he is able to answer questions, investigators will learn his side of the story.

A part of a trend?

Studies have been conducted to determine whether learner, provisional and full licensees have varying chances of being involved in a crash.

One study, conducted by experts at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, looked at the several factors that led up to car crashes among drivers under the age of 25 and with three different forms of licenses.

The results were conclusive, finding that learner and provisional license holders had a higher risk of crash injury, especially at night.

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