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Crane collapse highlights dangers of machinery

There are a range of risks and hazards that need to be managed in any job, especially those that take place in public locations. In situations where machinery is involved, the danger of incidents occurring further increases, as there are more variables for site managers to keep their eye on. 

In these cases, accidents have a high chance of resulting in total permanent disability claims, as there is potential for destruction if something goes wrong. This was illustrated by a recent event at a NSW school, where a heavy-duty crane collapsed causing significant damage and injuring an employee. 

Crane accident highlights risk potential

The fact this operation was being conducted on school grounds further added to its danger. Safe Work Australia reported that accidents where workers fall from heights boast a number of different dangers compared to other incidents, with the organisation stating they are a notable contributor to workplace injury and death tolls around the country. 

In this particular incident, a crane was severely overloaded, compromising the safety of the employees, the surrounding environment and the machine itself. During the collapse, part of the crane impacted the building that was under constructing, causing part of it to collapse. 

By some miracle, nobody was killed in the incident. However, a worker who was forced to take evasive action to avoid the falling debris was hurt, resulting in a substantial injury claim. 

While attempting to remove himself from harm's way, the worker injured his shoulder as he had to jump from a scissor lift that was raised above the ground.

According to Executive Director of SafeWork NSW Peter Dunphy, the accident was completely avoidable and sends a strong message to other firms and employees. 

"Cranes are high-risk pieces of equipment with significant potential for injury," Mr Dunphy said. "This decision sends a strong message about the importance of fostering a good safety culture at the workplace."

"While these actions are to be commended, had they been in place as they should have been, the incident would have been prevented," Mr Dunphy said.

In this example, the construction company was lucky to escape with only minor injuries to a single employee, as a falling crane has the potential to result in TPD claims or worse. 

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