Council and safety authority partner on injury management

Date: Jun 28, 2013

A new partnership between WorkCover NSW and Shellharbour City Council will see the two organisations working together to improve workplace health and safety and injury management for council workers.

The year-long alliance was announced on Wednesday (June 26) by Shellharbour Council general manager Michael Willis and acting general manager of WorkCover’s Health and Safety Division Tony Robinson in a joint statement.

Mr Willis said that local governments are in the unique position of being in charge of a diverse group of workers tasked with operating a range of equipment – from small, technically specific tools to heavy machinery.

“The safety and welfare of our staff is paramount to the success of the council as an organisation,” said Mr Willis.

“This alliance will assist us in the delivery of a safe workplace for the benefit of staff and the community at large.”

The council and WorkCover will work at developing better approaches to workplace safety and injury management based on communication, consultation, cooperation and leadership.

In addition, they will work on new strategies for handling asbestos complaints and for managing major construction and demolition sites.

Mr Robinson said that the alliance would help to reassure family and friends of council staff that there will be systems in place to keep workers safe on the job and if they do get injured, that they will get back to work as soon as possible.

“Shellharbour City Council is one of the largest employers in the area and almost all staff are connected in some way to the more than 66,000 people living within the local government area,” said Mr Robinson.

“WorkCover recognises the devastating effect the loss of a loved one in a workplace incident can have on family, friends and colleagues and how it can be exacerbated in a regional town due to the close links of workers to residents.”

When a worker suffers serious injuries at work, they may be entitled to compensation for medical payments, rehabilitation costs and more.

Often the type and severity of the injury will dictate what kind of compensation claim is possible.

In the case of exposure to asbestos dust or fibres, which can lead to Asbestosis or other dust diseases, victims may be able to make Asbestosis claims.

Where injuries are so severe that they prevent the worker from returning to their job, TPD claims can help them seek a lump sum payment from a superannuation or life insurance policy.

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