Coronavirus slowdown has not eliminated dangerous driving, car accidents in ACT show

Date: May 01, 2020

As April turns to May, Canberra and the Australian Capital Territories remain under lockdown and social-distancing policies, as does the whole of the country. This will likely remain the case for a long time to come, as The Canberra Times noted that even the coming "exit strategy" for the lockdown will not involve an immediate return to normalcy.

With that said, the roads are not entirely empty during these times. If you have to travel to work an essential occupation, you should show just as much diligence behind the wheel as ever: Serious and even fatal car accidents are still happening in ACT.

Recent examples of serious auto accidents

Unfortunately, crashes on the roads have not stopped during the pandemic and two recent incidents show the continued risk to drivers on roads in Canberra and ACT. These two collisions took place in early April, within one day of each other. The first crash was the conclusion to a police chase involving a stolen vehicle and occurred at an intersection in Belconnen. The car crashed into two vehicles at 8:30 a.m., The Canberra Times reported. Police asked potential witnesses to come forward about how the crash unfolded.

The second incident, described in a pair of articles by The Canberra Times, was more serious – it claimed two lives. This accident happened in Cook, and involved two cars colliding head-on. The crash occurred at 11:30 a.m. and the street was closed for five hours in the aftermath. One person involved with the accident died at the scene and a second perished in hospital the next day. As with the Belconnen crash, the police appealed to the public for more information on the circumstances of the incident.

The need for vigilance on the road

Even with roads less full than they usually are, there is the potential for a collision that will bring injuries or fatalities. Drivers have to remain alert and careful in their driving habits and stick to the rules of the road. Your fellow motorists may not be as cautious as you are, which means driving defensively could be the thing that prevents you from a collision.

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