Contaminated medicine kit could result in medical negligence claims

Date: Feb 19, 2016

The range of medicines used by health professionals around Australia are made from difference substances and chemicals that rely on unique equipment to be administered. 

The complex nature of administering these medicines means that there is plenty that can go wrong very easily. Whether a lab technician makes a mistake or the wrong equipment is used, any errors in a medical situation that make a patient's case worse can be the basis for medical negligence claims

This is just as true for contaminated medicines, with a recent example making its way to medical practices around Australia, making treatment risky for certain patients. 

Contaminated medicine threatens patient safety

Recently, the Department of Health issued a warning regarding a possibly contaminated batch of equipment used to administer a specific type of drug to people around Australia. According to the organisation, two batches of Veletri consumables kits could be contaminated. As these products have already been distributed to medical facilities throughout Australia, it's important that patients are aware of what they're taking. 

The Department of Health reported that these consumable kits are used for injecting patients with the Veletri drug, a medicine that is often prescribed to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. 

These kits contain sterile water that is essential for dissolving the medicine before injection. The recall for these two batches concerns the fact that the bottles are cracking in some of these kits, which can increase the risk of contamination in the water that is intended to be sterile. 

Although there is a risk of infection for patients that use these damaged kits, the Department of Health noted that there have been no reported infections in either Australia or in the rest of the world so far. 

The organisation also advises people to continue taking Veletri despite the risk of contamination from these kits. In these cases, patients should inspect the included water bottle before continuing with the procedure. 

Counterfeit pills provide health risks

The Veletri consumables kits were not the only products to gain the attention of the Department of Health recently. A number of Viagra analogues and herbal sex enhancement pills have come under fire for including a number of defects, ranging from undeclared prescription substances to antibiotic content. 

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