Construction sites reminded to lock up over summer shutdown

Date: Dec 18, 2012

WorkCover NSW is reminding controllers of construction sites to lock up sites over the Christmas shut-down as a safety precaution.

Since most workers will be on holiday over the next few weeks, it is important that construction sections are adequately secure to ensure that unwanted or unauthorised people cannot gain access.

“Site controllers need to address the risks that unsecured construction sites can pose to the members of the public, especially children,” WorkCover NSW general manager of health and safety John Watson said in a statement.

He added that this is a requirement under workplace law and therefore not a choice but an obligation.

“Workplace safety laws require construction sites to have adequate site security, which includes appropriate fencing,” Mr Watson said.

“Building sites in an[d] around residential areas pose a heightened risk, particularly as there are more children in the vicinity due to school holidays.”

Mr Watson went on to outline some of the problems that can arise from leaving these sites unsecured.

“It is essential not to overlook excavation areas that can fill with water and pose a potential drowning risk, such as pits, trenches and pier holes, by ensuring these areas are securely covered,” he asserted.

To view a checklist of things that construction controllers should do before they close for the holidays, please click here.

“Site controllers can follow simple steps to help prevent a potential tragedy by minimising the risk of access to a site by unauthorised individuals,” Mr Watson said.

If someone was to become injured due to negligent security on a construction site, then this could be a case for public liability compensation.

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Other employers and managers may want to use the idea of a? checklist and do their own safety checks before everyone leaves to go on holiday.

If their premises are staying open over the festive season, then they may want to ensure that appropriate health and safety protocols are in place – the warm weather can pose extra threats to workers, especially if they work outdoors.

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