Coalcliff crash claims life of motorcyclist

Date: Aug 17, 2011

A collision between a motorcycle and a car has resulted in the death of a man at Coalcliff on Saturday (August 13).

Police say that the 42-year-old motorcyclist was travelling on his Harley Davidson in a northerly direction on Lawrence Hargrave Drive when he swerved to avoid a car that had slowed to avoid two cyclists travelling on the same section of road.

The bike then moved onto the wrong side of the road, where it collided with a black Audi that was driving in the opposite direction on a bend in the road.

Initial reports indicated that the victim was ejected from his motorcycle immediately on impact and suffered critical injuries.

Despite the efforts of an off-duty nurse and paramedics who attended the incident, the motorcyclist died at the scene.

The driver of the black Audi was unhurt by the incident but attended the nearby Wollongong Hospital for mandatory blood and urine tests.

Officers from the Southern Region Crash Investigation Unit have attended the scene and a report will be prepared for the coroner.

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