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City of Sydney offers free classes in cycle safety

As any cyclist will tell you, sharing the road with cars, trucks and buses can be a hair-raising experience at times.

That’s because most roadways were designed with four-wheel vehicles in mind. Space for cyclists is often allotted almost as an afterthought.

This means that even if everyone has the best of intentions, a certain amount of friction is bound to appear from time to time as these different methods of transport ‘rub shoulders’ on Australia’s roads.

The way that friction manifests itself could be in the flaring of tempers at a traffic light, the beeping of a horn at a cyclist perceived to be slowing down traffic, or in the unfortunate occurrence of a bicycle accident.

If you are a cyclist who has been injured as a result of a collision with a vehicle, you may be able to claim compensation.

Personal injury lawyers in Sydney can discuss your case and determine whether you are entitled for a level of compensation under NSW law.

That amount could go towards your medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

It could also cover any rehabilitation costs you may need to pay. It can often take many weeks or months to recover from catastrophic injury.

Once you are back to full health, it may take some time before you feel confident enough to get back out on the roads.

You may benefit from free summer bike courses being offered by the City of Sydney.

The half-day classes are open to people of all ages and abilities and are run by expert instructors.

“Riding a bike is a fabulous way to get fit and explore your neighbourhood, but it’s important riders do it safely and courteously,” said Lord Mayor Clover Moore in a statement.

In addition to bike maintenance and parent and child courses, there is a cycling in the city course, designed to develop the skills and confidence needed to cycle in Sydney’s busy CBD.

For those with low confidence or fitness levels there is even a rusty rider course to take you through the city cycle class at a slower pace.

The courses take place at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre and at Green Square and are operated by BikeWise.

“We’re here to help riders become more skilled and courteous on the road and we’re getting dozens of people who haven’t ridden a bike in years keen to get back out there and ride again,” said BikeWise director Patrick Jones.

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