Chatswood car accident leaves woman with serious head injuries

Date: Feb 27, 2017

A woman has suffered severe head injuries and multiple fractures after a car mounted a kerb in Chatswood and hit her.

The car slid 30 metres down a busy Sydney footpath and also struck an elderly woman and child in a pram before colliding with a pole and flipping on its side.

NSW Ambulance told Daily Mail Australia that the toddler in the pram was unharmed, with reports suggesting that the vehicle only swiped the pram without hitting the child. The elderly woman was assessed at the scene, but also appears to have escaped serious injury.

The female with serious head injuries was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in critical condition. NSW Police said the women was in her 30s and was no relation to the child in the pram.

A 67-year-old driver, who was treated for minor injuries after the accident, will undergo mandatory blood and urine testing to see whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving.

Passers-by help critically injured woman

Zeng Chen, who works at Peking Duck Chatswood, saw the car stop just a few metres from where he was standing. He said the victim was unconscious, unmoving and there was a lot of blood.

Talking to Daily Mail Australia, he said: "I heard a loud bang, it was very loud. I tried to get out to the street but the glass was shattered, so I had to go out the back door and around the side of the shop."

Another witness, 22-year-old Marco Chang, was serving patrons at Cafe New York when he heard the crash. Mr Chang said there were four off-duty police officers in his cafe when the accident happened who ran outside and tried to help the driver.

A courier for Allied, Oubie Elrish, rushed to the aid of the seriously injured woman, but admitted she "wasn't too well".

"I couldn't move for about 15 seconds, [because] I've never seen anything happen right in front of me like that. I just rushed to the lady, because I saw blood," he told 9NEWS.

Mr Elrish said a number of passersby helped the woman, including a nurse who had been taking her child to school when the accident occurred.

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