Cement truck explodes in Victoria, injuring four

Date: Nov 07, 2019

Four workers at a work site in Melbourne were taken to the hospital when a cement truck pump exploded. Passersby were also hit with cement, but with no other reported injuries.

Background of the incident

While working on a construction site, the truck’s pump became dislodged while in use, exploding and injuring the men working close by. Two were thrown to the ground. Ambulances, police and fire personnel arrived to the scene shortly after the incident. After the explosion, a car passing by was also hit by spraying cement, but no one else was harmed.

They were all taken to a nearby hospital, and two of the workers were declared to be in serious, but stable, condition.

Is there a case for a workers compensation claim in Victoria?

Because the men were at work during the time of their injury, all four likely have the right to make a claim for workers compensation. WorkSafe is currently investigating this incident, meaning they have been notified, which is the first step in filing a claim. Moreover, all four men have been to the hospital, suggesting any injuries have been documented.

The next suggested step would be for these individuals to seek legal counsel to discuss their claim options and potentially seek aid in discussing compensation packages and filling out forms. They need to notify their employer formally, in writing, within 30 days of the incident that there was an incident and they were affected. Otherwise, they may not be entitled to compensation.

They then need to submit an injury claim form, as well as a Certificate of Capacity (which must ultimately be completed by a medical professional). They may also want to contact their union representative, if they belong to a union.

At this point, if their claim is accepted, they would be entitled to medical expenses from WorkSafe, as well as other costs deemed reasonable, that they have discussed and claimed with their legal team.

As an aside, if there was damage to the passerby’s vehicle, he or she would also have the right to make a motor vehicle insurance claim, citing damages to the car.

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