Celebrity doctor faces restrictions after patient deaths

Date: Apr 11, 2018

Celebrity cosmetic surgeon and TV personality Dr William Mooney has been restricted from performing a number of medical procedures following negligence accusations and two patient deaths.

Last month, the Medical Council of NSW announced the ear, throat and nose specialist is now not allowed to carry out nine types of sinus surgery and he will require a professional mentor. Dr Mooney's medical practice must also undergo an audit.

The beleaguered practitioner was already under certain restrictions, but these were related to personal or health reasons, so the details must remain confidential.

According to the council, the limitations on Dr Mooney's registration will remain in place until a NSW Health Care Complaints Commission investigation is completed.

Claims of medical negligence against Dr Mooney

Two of Dr Mooney's patients have died in the last six months, with another claiming the specialist botched a nose job she underwent in 2005.

The first patient who died was underworld crime figure Alex 'Little Al' Taouil, with Dr Mooney claiming the man suffered a post-operative stroke following nasal surgery in December.

Just two months later, 24-year-old Pouya Pouladian required surgery for sinus problems that prevented him from sleeping properly. The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reports one of Mr Pouladian's arteries was nicked during the operation and he later experienced major bleeds and went into cardiac arrest.

The man's family were told he had sustained serious brain damage and they made the decision to turn off his life support soon after. Pila Mempin, Mr Pouladian's girlfriend, claimed Dr Mooney admitted to nicking an artery but said it was just a freak accident.

The 2005 nose job settlement

Recent allegations of medical negligence against the doctor prompted a former patient to come forward about her experiences under Dr Mooney's knife.

Melissa Demaj told the SMH that the only consultation she received for her nose job took place at the strip club where she was working. A statement of claim made at Victoria County Court say Dr Mooney was a patron at the Showgirls Bar when he offered her his business card and advised her to get the surgery.

"That nose job literally destroyed my life," she commented.

While Dr Mooney rejected parts of Ms Demaj's story, he later settled for an undisclosed amount. However, she confirmed she was very happy with the result.

Only time will tell whether the families of Mr Taouil and Mr Pouladian choose to pursue medical negligence claims against Dr Mooney. The specialist has denied the deaths were a result of complications during his procedures.

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