Residents and businesses kept in the dark about dangerous landfill underneath their land

Many residents and business owners in Melbourne are planning on taking legal action or filing compensation claims as they recently discovered that their health is at risk after being kept in the dark about dangerous gases located beneath their estates. According to 7News, over 80 properties have been built on top of the old Sunshine Landfills, which were closed in […]

West Gate Tunnel project leads to discovery of contaminated soil

A project at the West Gate Tunnel in Melbourne has led to the discovery of contaminated soil, delaying the project and shutting down Fiskville CFA training college, according to The Age. The soil was found to be contaminated with chemicals such as asbestos and PFAS, and the news provider reported that representatives from the Environment Protection Authority […]

E-scooter craze continues to cause injuries

If you’ve been in a large city recently, whether it’s Sydney, Brisbane or somewhere abroad, you’ve seen them. E-scooters have taken the world by storm, providing a cheap way to get around relatively quickly, all while creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cars. However, the omnipresence of e-scooters has become a subject of debate, and […]

Australian bushfires and associated damage: by the numbers

As of 23 Jan. 2020, there have been more than 20,000 fire insurance-related claims filed in Australia since the beginning of November 2019, totaling at an estimated value of $1.65 billion, according to the Insurance Council of Australia. The claims were filed in response to the ICA’s announcement that the large bushfires burning in regions across four […]

Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups could be contaminated with metal fragments

Nestle Australia recently issued a recall on one of its popular lines of snacks: Uncle Tobys Roll-Ups, specifically the Passionfruit, Rainbow Berry, Rainbow Fruit Salad and Funprints Strawberry flavours. The recall stems from an issue wherein a machine malfunctioned at one of the plants that produces these snacks. Nestle noted that due to this malfunction, […]

UK student sues CASA over plane crash

In January 2017, a UK student suffered a traumatic brain injury after the plane she was on crashed on a Middle Island beach. Now, family members of the woman, Hannah O’Dowd, have filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit accusing the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of negligence. The facts of the case The four-seater Cessna 172M charter […]

Bankstown pit causes injury

On 27 February 2016, a woman accompanied by her son was traveling on a footpath outside 2-14 Meredith Street in Bankstown, New South Wales, and sustained a fall. The plaintiff filed a claim of negligence against Canterbury-Bankston Council, alleging a Telstra pit had a crack or gap around the pit and surrounding concrete, causing her to […]

Volunteer sports organisations question liability related to athletes’ health

Sports clubs and recreational organisations in southeastern Australia are increasingly concerned by the hazardous air quality levels caused by smoke produced from the ongoing wildfires in the region – widely reported as the worst seen in many years. Specifically, organisers are concerned about who would be legally responsible for any potential negative health consequences that could befall […]