Car crashes into house: Glendenning

Date: Oct 15, 2012

NSW police were kept busy over the weekend, with a series of accidents and public incidents to attend to.

One of these happened on Friday morning (October 12) at approximately 08:45, when a car crashed into a house on Adrienne Street, Glendenning.

The vehicle, a Toyota Camry, was travelling along Adrienne Street, when the driver – a 41-year-old woman – appeared to lose control.

The woman's children, aged 11 and six, were also in the car and sustained minor injuries. They were taken directly to hospital following the incident.

There were also four people inside the house, but they were unharmed. However, their property suffered some damage and a gas main was ruptured.

Investigations are continuing – at this stage the reasons behind the crash are unclear.

The night before this accident, a similar incident occurred, after a woman crashed into a Sydney nursing home in the suburb of Kingswood.

This occurred at approximately 21:30 in the evening. The motorist, a 53-year-old woman, lost control of her four-wheel drive and hit a pole and parking sign, before going over a garden and colliding with a wall.

Behind the wall was a room in the rest-home, occupied by a 91-year-old woman.

NSW Ambulance Paramedics arrived on the scene quickly and took the driver to hospital, as she had sustained minor injuries including cuts to the head.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident, and have seized her vehicle – a Holden Cruze – to check for any mechanical faults.

Several other collisions also occurred over the weekend, including a fatal car accident on Appin road and a serious crash in Coffs Harbour.

All of these incidents serve as a reminder to be vigilant about road safety at all times. While sometimes accidents are just that – accidents – often they can be prevented by exercising caution.

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