Car crashes into a shop in Sydney

Date: May 30, 2012

Occasionally car crashes are not only confined to one or two vehicles or even pedestrians. Sometimes drivers lose control to the extent that they veer off the road and collide with houses, shops and other infrastructure.

This was the case yesterday afternoon in west Sydney. An elderly man was driving along Henley Road in Homebush West when his red Toyota Corolla started veering to the left.

He clipped two parked cars before leaving the roadway completely and crashing into a shopfront.

The shop, which is unnamed in the police report, was located not far from the corner of Henley Road and Exeter Street.

The driver is believed to be in his early to mid 80s, but this has not been confirmed at this stage.

While he sustained minor injuries, these are not thought to be life-threatening. It took over an hour to remove him from the vehicle and once he was safely taken out he was driven to hospital in an ambulance.

Two people working the shop were also affected. A woman may have suffered neck and shoulder injuries – she was taken to Concord Hospital for a medical assessment.

On the other hand, while her male colleague presented no physical symptoms, he was treated for shock by ambulance paramedics.

The crash occurred at approximately 12:30 and the public was evacuated as police feared there could have been a gas leak. These concerns did not amount to anything but officials asked the public to stay away for the remainder of the day while they carried out further investigations.

Earlier that same day, just after midnight at approximately 01:50 in the morning, another crash occurred on Sydney's streets, according to a report by the Daily Telegraph on May 29.

Three people were in a Subaru driving along the Hume Highway in Chullora when it left the road and crashed into a power pole.

All three passengers were eventually evacuated from the wreckage and taken to Liverpool Hospital. They do not seem to have sustained any fatal injuries.

While car crashes are often accidents, that does not mean that they may not have negative impacts for those involved.

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