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Can I file a public liability injury claim?

You may have heard some of the stories about people who are injured in a public area, such as a supermarket or city park, and are awarded compensation through a public liability injury claim.

If you’ve suffered a similar injury in such a case, you may be entitled to compensation, so it’s best to understand the laws surrounding injury claims, what makes them successful and what you can expect as the outcome.

Public liability compensation can actually be collected from a wide range of injuries. This may include slip and fall injury claims, accidents that occur on public roads and are the result of poor conditions like loose gravel or even injuries suffered in your own home because of faulty construction.

After suffering such an accident, you may want to get in touch with injury compensation lawyers to learn what the next stop should be. One of your best options may be to get in touch with a no-win, no-fee legal group. This ensures your legal representation will work hard for you and your case, rather than just looking for payment.

Why it may be a good idea to look into public liability injury claims

If you suffer an injury and file a claim, you may see several outcomes. In one instance, you could collect a lump sum payment that would cover all past and future medical expenses that are the result of your accident. This would also include expenditures for rehabilitation.

Another option is to receive a lump sum payment that would pay you for any past or future wage losses and superannuation. A lump sum is also available to compensate for any pain and suffering you experienced during the accident.

Finally, you may be entitled to a lump sum that would be used to cover past and future care you may need because of that accident. This would also include any special needs that accident would demand of you, such as purchasing a wheelchair or altering your home to accommodate you.

Make sure to get in touch with a legal office that has extensive experience in the field of personal liability, as these groups will have huge amounts of knowledge about common tactics insurance companies deploy to try to keep payouts as minimal as possible.

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