Campvale truck crash claims driver’s life

Date: Mar 15, 2012

A crash involving a four-wheel drive (4WD) and a heavy vehicle in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales has claimed the life of one driver and seen another taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Police say that the accident occurred on March 14 at around 10:30 when a Suzuki Sierra utility travelling north on Medowie Road in Campvale collided with a cement truck travelling in the opposite direction.

The impact delivered massive amounts of damage to the 4WD which was crushed into an unrecognisable heap of scrap metal.

Considering the forces involved in the collision, it is understandable that the ute’s driver – a 21-year-old man – died immediately from a range of critical injuries.

On the other hand the driver of the concrete truck – a 72-year-old man – only suffered minor injuries thanks to his high driving position.

He was treated at the scene by emergency services before being transferred to the nearby John Hunter Hospital.

While at the medical facility, the surviving victim underwent blood and urine testing – mandatory procedures carried out in the event of any fatal car crash in NSW.

Initial reports indicate that the Suzuki may have swerved over and onto the incorrect side of the road moments before the impact – but it is not yet clear why this may have occurred.

To further their understanding of the event preceding the initial impact, specialist investigators have seized the wreckage of the crushed Suzuki in order to examine it for evidence of sudden mechanical failure, amongst other variables.

In addition, the road was sealed off by police officers for a number of hours to allow members of the Newcastle Crash Investigation Unit to examine the scene.

For victims affected by heavy vehicle collisions, truck accident injury compensation can come as a welcome relief – especially considering the forces at play during a crash.

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