Businesses test to minimise slip and fall injury claims

Date: Apr 08, 2014

As the cooler winter months approach, businesses across New South Wales are testing their floors and shop spaces to minimise the number of slip and fall injury claims this year.

Certain companies have invested in independent slip resistance testing services. This involves hiring a team of highly trained technicians to conduct slip tests of floors and surfaces with high volumes of traffic.

The tests can include applying water to the floor to check how surface flooding or spills will affect grip, and reviewing cleaning procedures to ensure dangerous residue is removed completely. Another important process is testing different materials to ensure all types of footwear can safely navigate the area.

Additionally, businesses have been auditing any instances of falls resulting in a public liability injury claim to uncover whether the floor was at fault or whether there was a secondary or underlying factor. The condition of the floor is not often the influential factor when a fall occurs. Instead, many slips and falls are caused by clutter or debris left on the ground.

While companies take precautions to reduce the chances of customers and the public falling or slipping in their store, you can also be taking measures to mitigate this risk.

When walking in an area with smooth floors, such as tiles or panelings, it is important to take care with your steps and keep an eye on the floor ahead of you to identify hazardous areas.

If you do not feel confident in your ability to safely traverse a certain section of floor, consider using furniture or handrails to steady yourself. Additionally, you may want to carry a cane or walking aid for when handrails and steady-assists are not available in the environment.

Often a fall or slip is caused by easily preventable circumstances, such as cardboard left on the ground or a polished floor being left without signage. If you experience a fall in public and you believe a third party was responsible, you may be eligible to make a public liability injury claim.

However, to receive injury compensation, you will be required to demonstrate the owner or designer of the public space you were hurt in was remiss in their duty of care to you.

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