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Bondi car accident highlights holiday road safety risks

Car accident injuries are a problem all year round, and during the holiday season extra care should be taken on the roads.

Last weekend (December 7) in Bondi, a man was charged with drink driving after an overnight car crash that damaged three vehicles.

Sky News reports that the 25-year-old man, as well as two passengers, were in the vehicle when it flipped on its side, damaging two parked cars. One of the men in the vehicle was dressed in a Santa suit and fled the scene.

The Bondi crash isn’t the only accident to dominate the news headlines in recent days. A number of other fatal collisions have occurred in and around Sydney since the beginning of December, emphasising the importance of careful driving on the roads during the busy Christmas and New Year period when traffic volumes are heavier and drivers may be taking more risks.

On December 3, the Hume Highway was the site of a fatal collision that resulted in one death and 14 injuries, including a seriously hurt 55-year-old woman who had to be airlifted to hospital, according to reports from 9 News. In total, victims – including two toddlers and a one-month-old baby – were transported to four different hospitals for treatment.

AAP also reports that on December 10, a two-car mid-afternoon crash on the Princes Highway left one woman dead and other injured people were treated at the scene by emergency crews.

According to a recent Sky News report, the holiday period also places additional stress and pressure on transport workers, particularly truck drivers who are faced with tight delivery windows and potentially unrealistic deadlines.

Tony Sheldon, head of the Transport Workers Union, told the news source that up to 80 truck drivers could lose their lives over the holiday season by taking unnecessary risks to meet these deadlines, including failing to take rest breaks or breaking the speed limit.

This figure is a sobering reminder of the risks all drivers face on NSW roads every day – and why extra precautions should be taken by every motorist during the festive season.

Anyone who has been involved in a car collision during the holiday period may wish to speak to a reputable car accident injury lawyer to discuss their situation. In many cases, compensation may be available – and consulting with an expert is the first important step in making a claim.

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