Bob Hawke’s will dispute drama takes to new venue: Public auction

Date: Dec 28, 2019

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke has been the centre of considerable media attention since his May 2019 death of natural causes. His heirs, including his second wife and his three adult children, have since been fighting a public battle over the stipulations of the Will and what’s to happen with his estate.

Recently, his widow held a public auction of a number of Hawke’s assets, to the ire of a number of family members.

Background of the situation

According to the Will, Hawke’s three adult children and his stepson were all left a payment of $750,000. The rest of his $18 million estate was left to his second wife, Blanche d’Alpuget. One of his daughters, Rosslyn Dillon, launched a $4 million claim against his estate, citing net assets of $20,000 and that she receives welfare payments of $500 weekly.

Dillon is asking for more money from the estate to cover dental work, as well as a $2.5 million house in a Sydney eastern suburb, among other assets.

However, some things may have come to a head when d’Alpuget recent held a public auction of 266 personal items that brought in more than $671,600 and enraged family members, prompting Dillon’s son to reach out angrily.

What can be done?

When it comes to contesting Wills in New South Wales, children are among those who can petition the courts. And if they are attempting to attain more money, some of the evidence the court may take into consideration includes:

  • Financial resources and needs of the applicant
  • The extent of the decedent’s estate
  • Any physical disability of the applicant

As Dillon is on welfare, she may have exhibited a need that would suffice in court. And because Hawke left behind an $18 million estate, it is clear that he had significant wealth. It should also be noted that the sale of his personal items may be added to the total of that estate. Finally, Dillon may be able to argue that her dental needs, depending on her situation, could even qualify as a physical necessity of the application and include that in her evidence to the court as well.

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