Blue Mountains truck accident claims the lives of two men

Date: Aug 04, 2011

An accident on the Great Western Highway has claimed the lives of two men after their heavy vehicle barrelled into a roadside safety barrier.

Police report that around 10:10 on Wednesday (August 3) a table-top truck carrying a load of plaster products rolled over while travelling west on the main road.

The curved section of the highway near Victoria Pass has been labelled "treacherous" by local authorities.

According to initial reports, the vehicle may have become unbalanced after its cargo shifted to the right-hand side of the tray.

The truck then toppled on a corner, flipping over before coming to rest on a safety barrier at the side of the multi-lane highway.

Two bodies were found in the cabin by emergency workers called to the scene. The occupants apparently died during the incident, crushed against the road as the vehicle rolled.

Police cordoned off a section of the highway for forensic crash specialists to begin investigations into the accident – causing traffic delays for most of Wednesday.

Authorities have yet to release the names of the two men who died in the collision.

In 2010, the state road death toll reached 224, with police reporting that this year there have been more than 160 fatal crashes.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics also reports that over 24,000 people were reported injured as a result of motor vehicle collisions in NSW in 2008.

Of those, nearly 25 per cent were males between 15 and 25 years old.

In NSW, motor accident victims are able to access compensation to cover the costs of medical treatments and rehabilitation expenses that result from a collision.

A claimant does not need to be the driver of a vehicle involved in an incident.

The Motor Accidents Scheme provides avenues for passengers to make claims for car accident compensation should they be injured, regardless of who was driving.

Victims can also make a claim when a vehicle is uninsured or unregistered, or even if they are found to be partially at fault.

Blameless accidents – where a collision does not result from driver error – are also provided for by the scheme.

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