Black Spot scheme aims to reduce car accident injuries and deaths

Date: Apr 24, 2015

NSW drivers could soon benefit from safer roads across the state, following news that the Australian government is funding a scheme to reduce the number of car accident injuries and deaths.

The $53.5 million Black Spot Programme will target NSW’s most troublesome roads, and is just part of a $500 million initiative announced in last year’s budget.

“As a result of the Australian government’s additional investments, an extra 110 projects will be funded in NSW over 2015–16, meaning even safer roads, improved travel times for motorists and more local jobs,” said Jamie Briggs, assistant minister for infrastructure and regional development.

“These extra projects are expected to save an additional 13 lives and prevent 671 injury crashes over 10 years, delivering economic benefits of around $214 million.”

In total, the government will fund 210 Black Spot areas in NSW, while nationwide spending includes an extra $200 million to improve infrastructure to world-class standards through fast-tracked investment.

The Commonwealth has already loosened the eligibility criteria for communities hoping to secure part of this funding. This means project applications made between 2015-16 and 2016-17 are likely to have a better chance of being approved.

Community groups and citizens have been encouraged to put forward ideas for potential areas where optimising road safety could have a significant impact.

Car accidents in NSW

Being involved in a car accident often has a significant impact on an individual’s physical and emotional health. Even relatively minor injuries such as whiplash could lead to taking time off work.

This is why many people seek compensation by getting in touch with personal injury lawyers in NSW, who can help affected individuals pursue a claim.

However, Member for Calare and Chair of the NSW Black Spot Consultative Panel John Cobb said carrying out important roadwork projects can prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

“Black Spot projects target dangerous roads to save lives and reduce road trauma, ensuring Australia’s roads are made safer and more efficient for all road users,” he stated.

“An evaluation of the Black Spot Programme has found that fatal and casualty crashes are reduced at treated sites by 30 per cent, equalling one life per year for every 84 projects.”

According to Mr Cobb, every dollar spent on the scheme provides $7 in return due to the amount of money saved when fewer accidents occur.

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