Birth control pill could result class action lawsuit

Date: Aug 26, 2013

The latest development in what has been an international debacle for the makers of the birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin shows that groups could be arranging class action lawsuits alleging Bayer of medical negligence.

Roughly 200 women have banded together to contact medical negligence lawyers to determine how a class action lawsuit could go over if they were to file one. According to Sydney Morning Herald, more than 60 of these women come from New South Wales, and all have sought medical treatment for blood clots, strokes and heart attacks that they believe were caused by or related to the pill.

Serious side effects

Perhaps the most widely reported side effect of this birth control pill has been blood clots, which several studies have shown are linked to the use of certain oral contraceptives. These clots, which can break free from the lining of veins, can be lethal if they reach the heart or lungs.

Yasmin was the first of the two contraceptives to make its debut in Australia, hitting the market in 2002. In 2008, Yaz became available, and together the two were a boon for Bayer.

Hundreds of thousands of women around the country were given prescriptions, and this occurred as the first instances of health problems arose in the US.

Oral contraceptive use the 'only explanation'

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke with one 20-year-old who claims her use of Yaz was the cause of the blood clot she developed.

''I started having health problems a year after I started taking it,'' said Bree Jones, who developed a blood clot in her lungs after starting a Yasmin regimen.

''I was breathless at [triathlon] training and my chest was cramping.''

She stated that even after undergoing several tests, doctors weren't able to confirm her condition until they found several blood clots had made their way to her lungs.

''Tests showed I wasn't prone to clotting and the only explanation they could give me was because I was on Yaz,'' she told the news source.

One recent study conducted in France found that Yaz and Yasmin weren't the only oral contraceptives to be linked to health problems. Researchers with the National Agency for the Safety of Drugs and Health Products found that birth control pills had been linked to 2,500 blood clots and 20 deaths in France alone.

In Canada, researchers found that 23 deaths had been linked to strictly Yaz and Yasmin, Health Canada reported.

Those who may have been affected by the birth control pill may want to speak with a medical negligence lawyer to determine what legal options are available.

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