Better access to pain relief medicine

Date: Sep 13, 2016

A car accident injury can lead to a number of major issues for people in New South Wales. Whether it is a whiplash injury or a more serious series of lacerations and abrasions, pain relief is essential to the quality of life you experience.

As opiate-based medicine is essential to pain relief, the New South Wales government is now looking to local farmers to supply poppies for medical use.

Legally growing opiates on New South Wales soil

The Premier State has passed the Poppy Industry Bill 2016 into law. The development of a legal alkaloid poppy production industry will support the production of medicines that help long-term sufferers. One of the major measures in the Bill is that all production should be accomplished safely and securely in New South Wales, Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said.

“Opiate-based medications are used for a wide range of conditions, including pain relief, palliative care and anti-addiction medications. This bill supports manufacturing and production of these products in a cost-effective way,” Mr Blair said.

“An alkaloid poppy industry in NSW also provides an opportunity to establish a new high value rural industry with a well-established international reputation and strong prospects for future growth,” Mr Blair said.

The New South Wales government expects planting to begin in 2017. Farmers are encouraged to contact the Department of Primary Industries for a licence. However, due to the possibilities of illegal drug production, the industry will be highly regulated.

Chronic pain can hamper quality of life

While the impact of the Bill could be far off, the advantages of local production is obvious. However, for those suffering from chronic pain in the present, compensation can help ensure your quality of life returns to normal levels.

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