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Australia’s call to make safety technology standard in vehicles

There is no doubt that technology is playing an ever increasing role in our lives. Whether having constant access internet access or video referees at sporting events, technology allows people to make smarter and more consistent decisions in all facets of life.

However, while many sectors have adopted technology wholeheartedly, there are calls for the automotive industry to make better use of it.

As such, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) have teamed up for the ‘Avoid the crash, Avoid the trauma’ campaign. Beginning with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), the two organisations hope to standardise this feature  in every vehicle sold within Australia’s borders.

AEB is common in vehicles throughout the US, Europe and Japan, but in Australia, the technology is often part of costly upgrades or isn’t offered to motorists at all.

ANCAP Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Clarke explained that this inconsistency is contributing to the impact of car accidents.

“AEB is a technology that will reduce the number of deaths and injuries from road crashes,” Mr Clarke said.

“While the number of people killed on Australia’s roads is declining, road crashes are still unnecessarily killing around 1,200 people every year.”

In fact, according to Transport for NSW, 234 people have lost their lives on state roads this year as of August 31. This is 11 per cent higher than the same time in 2014.

“Avoiding the trauma”

While the media often talks about traffic tolls, there isn’t a lot of discussion around those individuals who suffer terrible car accident injuries and face months of rehabilitation and treatment. As a neurosurgeon, AMA President, Professor Brian Owler?, has seen this first hand, and backs the call for widespread AEB in vehicles.

“Too often, I see the horrific injuries and loss of life caused by road crashes when drivers get it wrong,” he said.

“Prevention is far better than the cure – if we avoid the crash, we avoid the trauma.”

The two parties have outlined a number of ways the government can ensure AEB becomes a common feature. This includes supporting an awareness program and putting more pressure on overseas manufacturers.

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