Australia’s asbestos border control reviewed

Date: Aug 15, 2016

Due to Australia’s relative isolation, it has a level of control over its borders many landlocked countries do not have. However, a recent review of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s management of asbestos border control has found that the dangerous substance is still finding a way in.

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Strong border control is not always enough

The report was conducted by KGH Border Services AB, which recognised the importance the Australian government places on asbestos. It found that overall, the framework in place is effective, however, it also outlined a number of places improvements could be made.

Specifically, the report found that governance could be increased through the promotion of voluntary compliance. It argued that targeted engagement with industry could increase awareness, as well as deliver a better understanding of asbestos best practice approaches.

The results were an eye opener for many who believe asbestos is no longer imported into the country. The Australian reported that the Department of Immigration does not have the resources available to prosecute companies importing asbestos products.

While there are currently six active criminal investigations being pursued by the department, Perth’s Yuanda incident has thrown doubt on the ability of the Australian government to stop importation.

What should I do if I have been exposed?

One of the defining characteristics of asbestos is it can impact a wide range of stakeholders if disturbed. It doesn’t matter if you are a worker, or a member of the public, if you believe you have been exposed to asbestos, make sure you talk to a compensation lawyer.

Due to the delayed nature of symptoms, it’s unwise to wait when it comes to asbestos exposure. Seeking compensation can help ensure you have the right level of medical services available to you.

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