Australian tourism businesses worry about public liability injury claims

Date: Nov 18, 2013

Australia's tourism sector has long been a place where visitors have benefited from filing public liability injury claims, and many businesses say this trend could continue into the near future.

Often, these claims stem from people who engage in action sports and activities ranging from horseback riding to skydiving. But due to one recent instance, businesses fear they could be held liable for injuries sustained during a much different – and much calmer – getaway activity: golf.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, what started as a simple plan to build a coastal walkway has turned into an argument between many business leaders and municipal officials. Currently, the government is working on a 23-kilometre coastal walkway between Coogee and Port Botany, however it's only completed half the project.

If the walkway continues, it will go through four golf courses, snake it's way around the Anzac Rifle Range in Malabar and wind through steep cliffs throughout Lurline Bay.

Scott Nash, Mayor of Randwick, says the walkway would be one of the greatest in the Sydney area, and he's prepared to spend $20 million of the taxpayers' money to fund it.

The risk of public liability injury claims

However, businesses say they don't believe the path is a good idea at all. For one, the Anzak Rifle Range has already said it will refuse to leave its Malabar property until the federal government has a place for it to go. That is yet to happen, though.

One of the most serious concerns may be the golf courses near the track. While it's obvious the path couldn't run through a rifle range, there has been talk that the golf courses wouldn't pose as much of a problem.

However, Kieran Semple, general manager of The Coast golf club, said the walkway would create serious liability issues for the course managers.

''It's a problem already,'' he told the Sydney Morning Herald. ''The council itself had a surveyor looking over the course and he was hit in the head.''

Australia's tourism sector has been at the heart of several public liability injury claims over the years. Industry advocacy group Sustainable Tourism even released a report urging all tourism operators to remember their role in providing the safest service imaginable to Australian visitors.

Those who have been injured in such an accident may want to get in touch with an injury compensation lawyer to assess all legal options.

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