Asbestos-related illness still on the government’s radar

Date: Apr 13, 2016

Asbestos-related illnesses are a serious concern for the Australian people. However, with many of the symptoms taking years to show, it is important to talk to an asbestos lawyer with experience making claims as soon as you know you have encountered this deadly substance.

In response, the New South Wales government is taking a number of efforts to ensure that its citizens are not impacted by asbestos.

Demolishing dangerous buildings

One of the main initiatives the New South Wales government has committed to is the demolition of buildings that contain asbestos.

To make sure this is a top priority, the government has set up the the Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program, delivered in four stages:

  1. Supporting affected owners by identifying asbestos.
  2. Valuing affected properties.
  3. Demolishing properties that are affected by asbestos.
  4. Reselling remediated land.

The program is intended to provide safety, certainty and support avenues for New South Wales residents who have been affected.

Alongside this, the government has also set up a free testing program that will identify loose-fill asbestos and offer residents and owners a number of options to remedy the issue.

For instance, the government will purchase the premises and land at market value. It will then demolish the house and remediate the land before selling it off on the property market.

Additional benefits for homeowners

Those who participate in the scheme will be obtain a stamp duty concession and up to $1,000 for the provision of legal advice. Additionally, they will be offered financial support for moving to a new location as well as replacement costs for soft furnishings.

For many that are affected by asbestos-related illnesses, the scheme will not be able to help them with their medical condition. In instances like these, it is important to seek advice from experienced compensation lawyers.

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