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Are Australia’s vehicles getting safer?

There are a number of developments making an impact on the automotive industry. From green cars that save Australians money on fuel to safer vehicles, the industry is showing many signs of progress. 

Out of all of these advancements, the increased number of safety features making their way into modern vehicles is having the largest effect on what happens to drivers in an accident. According to researchers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the number of people who die in car accidents has dropped drastically as technology has developed. 

However, people are still being injured regularly, and it's important that people receive car accident compensation in the wake of these traumatic events. 

How is car safety changing?

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is the authority on modern vehicles safety, and educates consumers on what to look for in their new vehicles and the industry on how it can evolve to meet these requirements. 

A recent release from the organisation marked just how far this technology has come, with ANCAP revealing that another three SUVs have received maximum scores. The news reinforces the importance manufacturers place on achieving safety in all types of vehicles, especially as more families and fleets purchase these larger cars. 

ANCAP CEO James Goodwin believes the development is an important one for the state's drivers, especially as they are a popular option amongst NSW drivers. 

"With ever increasing numbers of people buying SUVs it's good to see more vehicles in that category obtaining a five-star result so that consumers have greater choice when it comes to buying a safer vehicle," he explained. 

According to ANCAP, technology is the defining feature of safe vehicles, and part of the reason cars of the past were unable to offer the same levels of protection to their occupants. While features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes have been standard on all sorts of models since the '90s, new vehicles are going even further to protect drivers and passengers. 

New cars – in some cases – are able to reduce speed themselves if drivers fail to react to an imminent collision in time. Coupled with other advancements such as lane departure warning, new vehicles are boasting impressive levels of safety compared to their equivalents from just five years ago. 

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