Apple charger issues could lead to public liability concerns

Date: Feb 11, 2016

There are a number of gadgets and devices that people use every day, but few get the same amount of use and smartphones and their supporting equipment. 

For example, Deloitte found that 81 per cent of Australians check their mobile phone within an hour of first waking up in the morning. With people using these devices literally from the dawn 'til dusk, they need a lot of recharging to keep people on the go. 

Businesses that make these devices have an obligation to provide equipment that not only works, but is safe to use as well. Recently, it was discovered that a range of Apple iPhone chargers could be the cause of public liability claims, as they can't be guaranteed to charge phones safely. With many people leaving these devices on overnight or unattended to charge, they could pose significant dangers to people's safety. 

How serious is the issue?

The discovery that a selection of Apple's phone chargers could give electric shocks to people who come into contact with them has prompted the company to launch an international recall that includes Australia. 

According to Apple, the two-pronged charger supplied with a number of different Apple products is the cause of these concerns. These prongs are at risk of malfunctioning over time, raising the risk of electric shocks. Alongside this, the chargers have been known to spark and as a very real cause of house fires, the danger of these products is further amplified.

The affected devices were sold between 2013 and 2015, meaning people who purchased Apple products should inspect their devices to see if it matches those listed on the Apple website. Or, if people have been injured electric shocks caused by chargers that match these features, they should consider a public liability injury claim. 

At this stage, Apple is operating the recall of its own accord, as no regulatory body has forced it to take these actions. Consumers who present the faulty chargers at an Apple store or authorised reseller will receive a new product free of charge. 

These chargers are not the only electric device to cause safety issues for the general public over the previous months. Recently in Melbourne, a faulty hoverboard charger started an electrical fire which burned down a family home.

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