Anger at NSW government’s response to asbestos contamination

Date: Nov 17, 2016

Citizens have become even more critical of the New South Wales Government for what they see as an ineffective response to the "Mr Fluffy" incident. "Mr Fluffy" refers to a large scale asbestos contamination that happened around the suburbs of Canberra, including parts of NSW. 

Government response to Mr Fluffy incident

Citizens located in Queanbeyan expressed a lot of disappointment and anxiety over issues of poor communication and delays in putting plans into action.

"Every step of the way they're taking triple the time of the ACT Government," a Matthew Rigter, a Mr Fluffy property owner, complains. This particular home owner has had an unoccupied house for 18 months now because of the asbestos.

Although most of the homes affected by the Mr Fluffy scandal are found in the ACT, there are some properties in southeast NSW that contain the insulation contaminated with asbestos. A large number of those properties are in Queanbeyan. Asbestos Task Force reports that, thus far, 24 demolitions of asbestos contaminated houses have taken place and it is expected 50 more will be destroyed this year. 

According to Safe Work Australia, in December 2014, the NSW government announced that it would remedy the situation. In an official report the NSW government stated that "It is imperative that the NSW Government address the negative health, financial and social risks associated with the presence of loose-fill asbestos insulation in homes as a matter of urgency."

It's important to note that the Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Taskforce is continuing to advise the government on better solutions to this massive public safety problem. However, NSW citizens still voice a lot of disappointment with how the government is handling the situation. 

Make a claim if you've been exposed to asbestos 

The Mr Fluffy incident revealed just how common the problem of asbestos is and how it has far reaching consequences. 

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