Amusement park ride shut down after death

Date: Sep 16, 2014

A ride was shut down during the recent Royal Adelaide Show following the death of an 8-year-old girl after she was thrown off.

The girl fell from the Air Maxx 360 ride last Friday (September 12) and was unconscious when paramedics arrived at the scene. She was taken to Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital, however, died later that day.

According to one witness, the girl's safety harness was fitted, but she may have slipped out of the seat.

"She was hanging by her legs off the ride, trying to block herself. She went flying through the air about 10-15 metres up and I started sprinting towards her," she told News Corp Australia.

The ride was shut down immediately and a full investigation by both the police and SafeWork SA is underway.

The Air Maxx 360 ride was new to the Royal Adelaide Show in 2014 and had earlier been included at shows in both Sydney and Brisbane without incident. Similar to an octopus, the ride's 12 carriages are at the end of radiating arms that are connected to a central pivot. 

The ride is ideal for children as the arms move at a slow speed up and down at the same time. There is also no age or weight restrictions on the Air Maxx 360.

Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia president John Rothwell explained the ride owners and the show would fully comply with the investigation.

"All rides at the show must pass a national compliance audit prior to the show opening and undergo daily checks by operators," he told the ABC.

"This is a tragedy and we have no idea what's caused it. As a parent, I can only imagine the grief the family must be feeling right now."

NSW public liability claim

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To support your claim, you must have evidence that the ride was in no state to be used and that the operator neglected their duty of care responsibility.

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