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AMA calling for safe festive season

As the festive season draws ever closer, traffic across the highways and roads in NSW is beginning to build, increasing the chance of car accident injuries.

This has sparked the President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Associate Professor Brian Owler to call for all road users to concentrate on getting to their destination safely.

Mr Owler noted that authorities have made significant gains in recent years to lower the state road toll, but poor choices are causing many accidents out on the road.

"Speed cameras, road improvements, random breath tests (RBTs), better policing, and strong public education campaigns have done an enormous amount to change driver behaviour and help prevent crashes," he said.

"However, risky driver behaviours such as alcohol and drug abuse, speeding, driver fatigue, and novice drivers and riders continue to contribute to an unnecessary and avoidable high road toll."

According to Transport NSW, the state road toll currently stands at 304. Although this is 6 per cent down on the same time in 2013, it is higher than recent years.

Owler on speeding

Mr Owler explained that more than 4,000 Australians are injured in speed-related incidents every year and that this is also a contributing factor in around 33 per cent of all road fatalities.

"Even driving 5km over the speed limit doubles the likelihood of a casualty crash," he noted.

"Because more people tend to drive just over the limit to avoid speed traps, low level speeding results in more crashes than high level speeding."

Accident impact in the long-term

It is safe to say that the impacts of car accidents can last much longer than the incident itself. As well as the physical scars, accidents can leave mental strain and prevent people from living normal existences such as going to work or driving a car.

"A fatal crash affects not only the individual or individuals who are killed or injured, but their family, friends, witnesses, and the broader community," Mr Owler said.

NSW car accident compensation

If you are involved in a car accident in NSW this summer and suffer a whiplash injury or worse, you could be eligible for compensation. The motor accident compensation scheme extends to most motorists including drivers and pedestrians.

It is important to contact a car accident compensation lawyer as soon as you are well enough. They can offer advice about your possible claim and discuss the likelihood of a win.

These lawyers operate on a no win no fee basis so they can advise you on your chances for success free of charge – if they think you have a case, it's completely up to you whether you engage their services.

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