Am I eligible for compensation if a family member is in a fatal car accident?

Date: Sep 04, 2012

Yesterday (Monday September 3), two men aged 34 and 54 respectively lost their lives in a fatal car accident in the north-west of New South Wales.

They were travelling along Mendooran Road, 40 kilometres north of Dubbo, when their Toyota allegedly left the road and collided with a tree.

Both men were found dead at the scene, and an investigation has been started by police.

The day before this crash happened (Sunday September 2), a 50-year-old man lost his life when he was driving his Toyota Hilux along Old Tenterfield Road in Wyan.

Like in the accident north of Dubbo, his vehicle also collided with a tree and the man passed away at the scene.

Another investigation is underway and a report for the Coroner is being prepared.

Then in the early hours of Saturday morning (September 1), a similar accident occurred, when a male driver travelling along Railway Parade in Fairfield left the road and hit a tree at approximately 12:20.

These incidents serve as a sombre reminder of the risks associated with driving. Although a tragedy, fatal car accidents are not an uncommon occurrence.

They do happen from time to time, and can cause significant disruption to the lives of family members and friends.

In the unfortunate event that a close relative is involved in a fatal car crash, then you may like to enlist the help of a compensation lawyer.

An accredited specialist can provide legal assistance in the aftermath of a crash, as well as support you should you choose to apply for compensation.

In some circumstances, car accident compensation can help you cover expenses such as funeral costs or medical bills.

You may even be able to apply for money to cover economic loss or pain and suffering.

Each case is different and every situation brings a unique set of factors for consideration, but a personal injury lawyer can discuss your options with you and help you find an appropriate course of action.

Should they choose to take on your case, certain lawyers in Sydney operate on a no win no fee basis – meaning that you do not have to pay unless your claim is successful.

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