Alleged street racing incident turns into fatal car accident

Date: Apr 23, 2012

A two car crash in the Orana region of New South Wales on April 21 has seen one driver die and another two victims transferred to hospital.

Police have indicated that the fatal car accident may have been the result of a street race between a Holden Statesman and a Mitsubishi FTO that is alleged to have taken place on Brisbane Street in Dubbo at around 23:50.

Official reports show that the authorities have obtained statements from witnesses that show that the two vehicles ended up in dire straits independently and did not collide with each other.

The Holden is understood to have left the asphalt before colliding with a tree nearby, while the Mitsubishi smashed into a power pole at the side of the road.

Photos show the damage done to both vehicles to be significant – the chassis of the Statesman shows a bend of approximately 30 degrees, the rear bumper is missing and all glass is shattered, while the FTO has one door nearly sheared off and appears to be missing a wheel.

The driver of the Mitsubishi – a 20-year old man – died at the scene, while his 19-year-old male passenger in the front seat suffered serious spinal injuries.

Emergency services had to work for about half an hour to free the man who was trapped in the wrecked vehicle, removing the roof in an effort to gain better access.

He was treated by ambulance officers at the scene before being taken to Dubbo Base Hospital for treatment of suspected neck and spinal injuries

Reports show that the 20-year-old male driver of the second car – the sole occupant – was ejected from his vehicle as it impacted with the power pole, throwing him with force onto the roadway.

Power services were interrupted after the crash, as the car's momentum disrupted electricity lines to the area as it connected with the pole.

The man received treatment from paramedics at the site of the crash before being transferred to Dubbo Base Hospital with critical injuries – it is understood he remains there in an induced coma.

While car accident compensation can be used to cover medical treatments received by crash victims, their provision can depend on the circumstances surrounding an incident.

The Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) has been known to make funds available to individuals that have been considered to be partly at fault in an accident – however, it notes that in such cases "the compensation you receive will be less than it would have been if you were not partly at fault".

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