Aged care sector providing “frustrating” customer service

Date: Jul 25, 2017

The aged care sector is failing to provide relevant, up-to-date information to customers, according to a new report from KPMG.

Research from the big four firm indicated that while aged care is vital to the well-being of Australia’s ageing population, the industry is offering a substandard and “frustrating” service to consumers.

The Customer Experience in the Aged Care Sector study said providers must “up their game”, particularly as people are using a complex system at a very emotional time. KPMG claimed aged care facilities are only adding to the stress that many individuals experience while navigating such processes.

A mystery shopping exercise showed that four-fifths of retirement living providers didn’t pick up the phone to prospective customers. Meanwhile, 60 per cent couldn’t adequately answer the questions that people asked.

Aged care facilities fighting backlash over services

The report comes at a bad time for the aged care industry, which has already suffered a number of high-profile scandals in recent months.

The Oakden elder abuse controversy rocked the sector earlier this year, while statistics from Monash University found that accidental deaths of residents in these facilities has climbed 400 per cent in just 10 years.

Residents or their families can pursue medical negligence claims against nursing homes if the level of care they provide is inadequate. Medication dosage errors, undiagnosed malnutrition and general neglect are just some of the failings that could lead to compensation.

If you feel that you or a loved one has experienced medical negligence while living in an aged care facility, please contact an expert personal injury lawyer in NSW for more information on how to pursue a claim.

Customer care failings

While problems with customer services are unlikely to lead to medical negligence claims, the KPMG report highlighted a number of issues that show aged care facilities have major room for improvement across the board.

The organisation advised retirement living providers to focus on creating a user-focused system in order to improve their effectiveness.

“In the closely related healthcare sector, there is clear evidence a patient-centred approach in hospitals delivers results far beyond the bottom line,” said Nicki Doyle, director of health, ageing and human services at KPMG.

“While the aged care sector is different to the wider corporate world and customer experience isn’t measured by simple satisfaction or driven only by the bottom line, there are clear benefits of designing services around the end user.”

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