Accidents increasingly caused by motorcyclists

Date: Aug 06, 2014

NSW's unseasonably warm late winter weather is prompting motorcyclists in droves out onto the state roads. However, with so many out of the highways, it is inevitable that accidents are going to occur.

Either through inexperience in the conditions or through a lack of ability, NSW police has found a number of accidents resulting in injuries that have been caused by motorcyclists in recent days. This has lead the state police to urge riders to take more care and responsibility.

There are more than 207,000 motorcycles and scooters registered in NSW according to state records. According to Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, who is the Commander of the NSW Police Force Traffic and Highway Patrol, riders need to ensure the safety of all road users as motorists can often lose track of them in blind spots.

"With 34 riders losing their lives on NSW roads so far this year, compared to 36 this time last year, we want to make sure that motorcyclists are able to enjoy their ride and return home safely, rather than experiencing the tragedies that three families are dealing with this morning," he said.

"With computer mapping easily accessible, it is not hard for riders when planning ahead to look up stretches of roadway and changes to road conditions on '', where road works, short term closures and other incidents are reported."

Recent incidents

In the past week, there has been three fatal crashes involving motorcycle riders and one serious crash.

This includes a 33-year-old rider who was riding with a large group of motorcyclists along the Pacific Highway. Witnesses saw him cross the centre line and crashing after failing to take a left hand bend. He put a number of other motorists at risk and injury before coming to a stop on the side of the road.

He suffered a broken right arm and head injuries and was taken to hospital.

NSW car accident compensation

If you are involved in a car accident with a motorcyclist and suffer a whiplash injury or worse, you could be eligible for compensation. The motor accident compensation scheme extends to most motorists including drivers and pedestrians.

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