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‘Accident waiting to happen’ cites Assistant Police Commissioner

Action is the key to preventing car accidents, with NSW police conducting yet another operation to improve road safety.

Over the weekend (October 25), four police motorcyclists undertook Operation Delta in both Parramatta and North Parramatta suburbs. Part of the Motorcycle Response Team, the officers work constantly to stop traffic fatalities and major incidents.

As they are on motorbikes, the team is able to get to car accident scenes quickly and can manage traffic flow and help injured parties with ease.

In this instance, authorities targeted a number of safety issues including speeding, drink-driving and pedestrian safety. It is then concerning that 87 traffic infringements were issued to drivers both young and old and for a range of traffic offences.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command explained a couple of incidents that police faced on Saturday.

In one case, a garbage truck driver was caught speeding at 92km/h in a 60km/h zone in Parramatta. He was issued an infringement notice at the scene.

In addition, two learner drivers were caught in separate speeding incidents. One was recorded at 108km/h in a 70km/h zone, while the other was registered at 134km/h in a 90km/h area.

"A speeding garbage truck can easily become out of control and be involved in a serious crash. There is no excuse for this dangerous type of driving," Superintendent Hartley said.

"To have two inexperienced drivers being caught at 38km/h and 44km/h over the speed limit is ridiculous and an accident waiting to happen."

Mr Hartley noted that it was lucky that authorities caught these individuals and took away their driving privileges. He said they could have done serious harm to themselves, pedestrians or other motorists.

More operations of this nature are possible in the coming months with four new officers recently joining the Motorcycle Response Team.

Any compliance operations aimed at improving safety are welcomed in NSW, where more than 260 people have already lost their lives on state roads this year.

NSW car accident compensation

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