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Access to Blue Mountains safer for motorists

With winter approaching and the roads around the Blue Mountains about to become busier with snow enthusiasts, the NSW government has decided to further upgrade an important access road.

Announced in March, work is set to start on a stretch of the Great Western Highway west of Lithgow?, intended to address concerns with the highway’s ability to handle extreme weather conditions.

Roads and Maritime Services says the work to rebuild and fix this part of the highway will take place near the McDonalds intersection to Farmers Creek bridges.

“This is wonderful news and the project will improve safety for motorists by providing an anti-skid surface with reduced noise levels for nearby residents and businesses. The section of road was identified for upgrading due to the age of the road surface which is prone to damage during heavy rain,” said Member for Bathurst Paul Toole.

It is hoped the upgrades will reduce the number of car accidents on the 210 kilometre highway which links Sydney in the east out to Bathurst in the state’s west.

“The project is part of Roads and Maritime’s commitment to deliver safe, efficient and high quality services and infrastructure with reduced ongoing maintenance costs for the community and businesses of NSW,” Mr Toole said.

From Monday, only one west bound lane will be open and Roads and Maritime Services expect there to be minimal delay to motorists.

The upgrades west of Lithgow complement other road projects along the highway. There are currently upgrades to four lanes on 14 kilometre stretch between Emu Plains and Katomba with the focus of those developments also on road safety.

According to NSW Roads, between 2007 and 2012 there were 67 crashes resulting in injury and two fatal crashes on that part of the highway. Half of the crashes occurred on a wet surface which is why anti-skid infrastructure is being added to all the upgrades.

The work is expected to be finished by June, with the highway fully upgraded by 2015.

NSW car accident compensation

If you are involved in a car accident in NSW and suffer a whiplash injury or worse, you could be eligible for compensation. The motor accident compensation scheme extends to most motorists, including drivers and pedestrians.

It is important to contact a car accident compensation lawyer as soon as you are well enough. They can offer advise about your possible claim and discuss the circumstances around the accident.

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