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ACCC implements quad bike safety taskforce across AU

In an effort to improve quad bike safety across the country, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has instated a quad bike safety taskforce. In a similar vein, the NSW government has also provided $1 million in quad bike safety rebates, which come in the form of safer vehicles, new safety equipment and training courses.

Quad bikes accidents are particularly prevalent on rural farms, where the form of transportation is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, the vehicles themselves have a high rollover rate on anything but perfectly flat ground, posing a danger to riders – particularly those who have not been properly trained or who aren’t wearing the proper safety gear.

These measures have been implemented due to the danger and high casualty rate of quad bikes in Australia – in the last six years, 117 people have died in quad bike accidents, 32 of which occurred in NSW, according to SafeWork.

Quad bikes and public liability

Given the prevalence of quad bike accidents in NSW, it’s important for individuals to know what their rights are if they’re injured in such an incident. In many cases, casual workers who are working on a rural farm might be using quad bikes without proper training or safety equipment provided by their employer – if you’ve been injured in this kind of situation, you may very well be able to claim for worker’s compensation due to your employer’s negligence.

There are other circumstances too in which individuals can potentially be compensated for injuries sustained in a quad bike accident – for example, if you’re on a public road and a pothole or other issue with the road itself causes the crash, then the local governing body could be liable. Same goes for accidents in which someone else’s negligence (like a car running a red light) is the cause of the quad bike crash.

It’s reassuring to see that both the Australian and NSW governments are taking steps to address the issue of quad bike safety; however, accidents are still bound to happen, so make sure you know what to do if one happens to you.

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